Put the customer at the heart of your system

Built on the basis of Customer Relationship Management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete management system which enables companies to be ever-present, to sell efficiently and productively and to use more intelligent marketing.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a strategic view of businesses, decision-making functionalities and productivity in one Microsoft solution.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available via Cloud, on site or with a hybrid combination.

What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management is a professional solution which helps businesses improve their marketing, sales and customer service in order to reach a high level of operational efficiency while, at the same time, improving their customers’ experience.

What can CRM do for my business? Customer Relationship Management (GRC in French) contributes to a reduction in costs and an increase in profitability by organizing and automating the business processes which nurture customer relations and satisfaction, both for sales and marketing activities and for customer services. CRM solutions offer a return on investment thanks to the automation of marketing and sales operations and the optimisation of customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Structured around the main CRM functions, which are sales, marketing and customer service, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 service is also broadened to incorporate numerous complementary features, such as finance or projects, which makes it a complete management solution.

As a complement to Dynamics 365, modules such as Microsoft Social Engagement (listening to social media) or Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (advanced Marketing) meet any analysis requirements brought about by new practices, such as social media or mobility.

The advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Stay in touch with your customers at all times, wherever you are.

Wherever you are, work with modern and feature-rich mobile applications.
Manage data quickly with the help of intuitive voice commands to create new documents, schedule meetings, set reminders and find information. Work at any time, wherever you are, with on-line and off-line mobile applications.

Synchronize your data with Outlook and work off-line

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 application for Outlook makes it easy to monitor e-mails, synchronize appointments and add contacts from an e-mail via a PC, Mac or mobile device browser.
This application allows you to use CRM commercial functionalities, even in off-line mode.

Use all the power of the Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available via Cloud:
 - No infrastructure costs thanks to hosting on Microsoft’s servers
 - No investment cost with the contract option
 - 99.9% availability of the application, including in mobile mode

Analyse your data in Excel without closing Dynamics CRM Online

You do not have to close Microsoft Dynamics 365 to analyse your data. Now you can carry out a quick, specific analysis with the help of Microsoft Excel Online within your CRM.

Our own CRM application boosters

The convergence of your business telephone systems.

Call & Open is a telephony convergence application developed by NOTEO which is totally integrated with Dynamics 365.
Call & Open, which is very popular with sales administration and support services, offers numerous features, in particular the automatic extraction of a CRM file from a call not only on a landline but also on a mobile phone.
This option is offered as a Cloud contract.